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Prevailing Voice Daily 19th September

Sep 19, 2016

19th September
Topic: DOING BUSINESS (part 2)
Text. : Romans 12: 11
Romans 12:11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;
7, Never say NO: When you are called for business you do not know anything about, never say no but rather makes calls to find out from people in line of that business.
8, Never give up: not every move results into making money, do not be discouraged when you do not make money, that same move will result into money some days.
9, Always give the best: to give the best you must get the best for the best price. Make effort to always get from the best source.
10, Contact: do not play with contact, this is very important. One contact can give you a multimillionaires business.
11, Build relationship: business goes beyond making money, where necessary relate with your clients and customers like friends and family members.
12 Be mindful of competitors: do not give a price that your competitors can beat.
13, Prudent Spending: do not incur unnecessary bills, avoid rent, loans, avoid salary at early stage.
14, Check your customer’s ability to pay before you enter into business agreement.
One question that comes to mind when you think about business is how to raise capital? There are one thousand and one businesses that do not require initial capital, I will explain….
1, Being a middleman: a middleman is the link between the seller and the buyer, you confirm price from the seller, and put your own profit, give the cost price plus your profit to the buyer, inform the buyer about the profit, so when money is paid you get yours.
2, Payment made at delivery: you do not need money here because you pay no one until payment is made, at delivery you collect money from buyer, take your profit give the rest to seller, end of transaction. Note that in this kind of transaction, do not use your money even when you have it, always ensure the goods are delivered or services are rendered before you make payment. This is very very important.
* Selling the business: There are times you just sell the business to someone, you get paid while you do nothing at all, the person do the transaction with his money and pay you.
* Making referral: this when you just give the contact to the client or customer, it is not a good way to do business because subsequently, the client will bye pass you, or better still, enter into agreement with the seller that; each time the customer comes you will have a particular amount as profit.
* Lord prosper me in business.
* Give me business ideas.
Psalms 36,37
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