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Prevailing Voice Daily 30th August

Aug 30, 2016

30th August
Text: Proverb 11:14 KJV
11- Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
To counsel means to give advice either good or bad. Everyone needs counsel at one point or the other in our lives because a good counsel can make a whole lot of positive changes in a man’s life. On the other hand a bad or evil counsel can bring calamity and destruction upon a man. And so the big question is “Who is your counsellor?”
Your choice of counsellor is very important, because not everyone can counsel you rightly. The scripture says, by their fruit you shall know them. Imagine you are having challenges in your marriage and you are seeking counsel from a woman who abandoned her husband and children because of another man, what sort of counsel would you receive from such woman? In 2Samuel 13:1-20, Ammon, one of the sons of king David lust after his half sister Tamar, but it was impossible for him to carry out his abominable desire. However, an ungodly counsel from his friend made him carry out his immoral desire successfully, thereby raping his own half sister. But on the long run, he met his untimely death because of the evil he perpetrated. Beloved, be mindful of who you made your counsellor because by their fruit you shall know them(Matt 7:16). God bless you.
* Father, surround me with wise and right counsellors in Jesus Name
* Father, every negative impact of ungodly counsel in my life, destroy them in Jesus Name
Job 37,38
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