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Prevailing Voice Daily 6th August

Aug 6, 2016

6th August
Topic: A LOST HOME (Part 1)
Text: 1 Samuel 2:27-35KJV
29- Wherefore kick ye at my sacrifice and at
mine offering, which I have commanded in
my habitation; and honourest thy sons
above me, to make yourselves fat with the
chiefest of all the offerings of Israel my
30- Wherefore the LORD God of Israel saith,
I said indeed that thy house, and the house
of thy father, should walk before me for
ever: but now the LORD saith, Be it far from
me; for them that honour me I will honour,
and they that despise me shall be lightly
31- Behold, the days come, that I will cut off
thine arm, and the arm of thy father’s
house, that there shall not be an old man in
thine house.
34- And this shall be a sign unto thee, that
shall come upon thy two sons, on Hophni
and Phinehas; in one day they shall die both
of them.
A home is used here to connote a family or
an household. A lost home is one that has
her foundation in Christ but over time lost
it to the devil, it is home that was gained by
Christ but later became lost to the devil.
Many homes are lost already or in the
process of being lost to the devil. In such
homes the parents are now busy with their
jobs, work or businesses with little or no
commitment any longer to the services of
God in church and to the things of God in
their home, their children are left to live
their own lifestyles because their parents
are no longer available to train and monitor
From our text above, Eli was a very great
Priest in the sight of God because God
promised him that his household will
forever remain a priest in Israel but as he
grew older he lost it. Eli’s children were
wayward, they defiled the temple, the
offering and the people of God, Eli himself
was taking the instructions and the warning
of God with levity. Eventually God changed
his mind about the home of Eli and said his
family shall be cut off from the priesthood,
his two sons shall die the same day and
there shall no longer be anyone who will
live till old age in his household anymore.
All that God pronounced upon the home of
Eli came to pass (1 Samuel 4:13-22).
Dearly beloved, what is the state of you
home before God? Are you losing it already?
Do you still have family devotion? Has your
Job taken your God and your home from
you? Think on these things and ask God to
help you and restore your home. God bless
* Father, have mercy upon me, my spouse
and my home
* Father, devil will not take advantage of my
home in Jesus Name
* Oh God, my home will not be lost to the
devil by whatever means in Jesus Name
* Father, restore my family back unto you in
Jesus Name
Nehemiah 13
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