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Prevailing Voice Daily 18th June

Jun 18, 2016

18th June
Topic: FAMILY LIFE Part 1
Text: Proverbs 18:22 KJV
Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good
thing, and obtaineth favour of the
Family is about the most interesting and
rewarding life than one can live. Family life
is a life of responsibilities, love, bliss, hope,
happiness, respect and honour. People will
often respect you if they know you are a
family man, even our women takes pride in
them being called a married woman. I know
quite well that family life can be so
challenging but inspite of those challenges
it is a life worth living. Let’s see what the
scripture says about family life.
* A GOOD LIFE: from our text, “He who
finds a wife finds a good thing…” Meanings
it is a life meant to be filled with goodness.
* LIFE OF FAVOUR: Proverbs 18:22b says “…
and obtains favour from the Lord”. Favour is
God’s blessing for marriage
* LIFE OF HONOUR: Hebrews 13:4 says
“marriage is honourable in all and the bed
undefiled”. So family life is honourable
provided the bed was undefiled.
* LIFE OF LOVE: Husbands are to love their
wives Ephesians 5:22
* LIFE OF SUBMISSION: Wives are to submit
to their husbands Ephesian 5:25
* LIFE OF OBEDIENCE: Children are to obey
their parents Ephesian 6:1
that we should be fruitful and mulitiply.
Genesis 1:26-28
Dearly beloved, all these things mentioned
are expected in God’s kind of family. God
instituted family and so you can’t put God
aside in family matters. If you don’t
experience these blessings above ask your
self these questions.
Is my family God’s kind of family? Is Christ
the foundation of my family?
Was the bed undefiled? Has my family
missed the track where God placed us?
Have we given the devil a place in my
family?. Beloved, its not late yet, make
amends and cry to God in prayer for
restoration. God bless you.
1. Lord, deliver my family life from every
afflictions of my past errors, afflictions of
men and powers of darkness in Jesus Name.
2. Father, I receive for my home every
blessing of heaven for marriage in Jesus
2 Kings 19,20.
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