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Prevailing Voice Daily 12th June

Jun 12, 2016

12 June
Text : Proverbs 21 : 20-31
Proverbs 21:27 The sacrifice of the wicked is
abomination: how much more, when he
bringeth it with a wicked mind?
Ethic is defined as a system of principles
governing morality and acceptable conduct,
it is not enough to just sing praises to God,
it is absolutely important to put into
consideration the principles of acceptable
praise. For praises to be acceptable its ethics
must be put in place, it is complete waste of
time if we go to worship and our worship is
not accepted.
Truly the Lord desires praises and worship
from us but He doesn’t just accept any kind
of praise, it ethics must be in place, praise is
the only sacrifice we give to God, from our
text ‘ the sacrifice of the wicked (sinner) is
abomination …’ praises rendered by sinner
is abomination unto the Lord. See praise as
food you present to God, when a sinner
praises is like presenting food in a dirty
plate, just as you cannot eat food in a dirty
plate except it is washed, likewise God will
not accept praises from a sinner except he
repents and desist from the act of sin.
Imagine this; a lying tongue is an
abomination unto the Lord, if that same
tongue sing praises how can it be accepted?
how painfully will it be when you discover
that all your praises, worship and dancing in
church are mere noise before the Lord, but
all is not lost, just amend your ways before
the Lord, then you will be acceptable
likewise your praises, if you are not born
again, it is absolutely important you do so,
surrender all to Jesus today and abstain
from sin, then your praises will work
wonders. God bless you , do have a praiseful
* Lord cleanse me from everything that
disqualifies me in your presence.
2 Kings 7,8
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