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Prevailing Voice Daily 10th June

Jun 10, 2016

10th June
Text : James 4: 1-17
James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth
to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
A carefree attitude is the beginning of
moral decadence in our society, many
young people we could have given attention
when they needed us were exposed to evil
vices when we neglected them, you will
agree with me that, they are a lot of youth
who have gone beyond parental control,
pastoral control even law enforcement
agents cannot handle them, this is so
because they were not given attention as
We live in an age where parents do not
want their children to be corrected or
disciplined, where you do not worry about
the kind of music your children sing, the
kind of places they go, and the kind of
friends they keep, in fact I observed that
some parents want their children to look
sexy all in the name of looking good. All
these have done great damage to the moral
standard of our society, it is worrisome to
know that cultism that used to be limited to
school campuses is now well pronounced in
our neighborhood.
Our nonchalant attitude towards the
destinies of these young people will
continually be problem to our society and
nation if something is not done fast,
everyone of us have to take responsibility
for this, how? Impact every young person
around you, call them for counsels, observe
them carefully, go extra mile to help them;
like helping them for admission, work, basic
needs where possible, waving hands to
them on the street when you see them is
like waving hands to their glorious destinies.
Let’s all desist from our selfish attitude;
myself, my car, my children, my wife. Make
it your responsibility to influence every
young person around you, if BOKO HARAM
members, the militants, ISIS members have
been influenced positively they will not
become what they are. Take responsibility,
God bless you as you do.
* Lord use me to make positive impact in
the lives of people.
2 Kings 5,6
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