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Prevailing Voice Daily 13th May

May 13, 2016

13th May
Text. ; Matthew 5:1-12
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew 5:5.
meekness is defined as the feeling of patient submissive humbleness, it is worthy of note because anyone who possesses this attribute inherit the earth. There is a lot of anxieties in our world, we are in a jet age, everyone wants to get things done fast in fact, very fast, this is one of the reasons we have traffic congestion and sometimes record accident on our road.
meekness is a very powerful attribute everyone of us must possess, the meek are not always in a haste, that does not mean they are sluggish, but because they understand that anxiety cannot achieve anything, everyone who trust God does not allow anxiety, it is cool to be meek, one thing you cannot take from the meek is peaceful lifestyle.
The meek command respect anywhere they go, they are not found in a troubled place, people love them for their calmness, carry out research; you will found out that the meek get things easier than the anxious. Jesus himself pronounced blessing on the meek, trust God to give you this attribute of meekness.
* Lord help me, I don`t want to live in anxiety.
* Help me to patiently wait on your promises. READING THROUGH THE BIBLE (RTB)
2 Samuel 3,4
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