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Prevailing Voice Daily 1st May

May 1, 2016

1st May
Text : Psalms 16:1-11
5 KJV:The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.
6 KJV:The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.
Psalms are not just writings but rather inspired words through the Holy Spirit, each of the psalms is prophetic in nature. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the psalmist says ‘….thou maintainest my lot’. It means the Lord is the one in charge of his lot. Those who made the Lord their portion God will definitely maintain their lot.
As I hear in my Spirit man, I share with you this day; the Lord will take you to PLEASANT PLACES, lines are used to indicate boundaries in ancient time, it is used to allot land showing where one’s land begins or ends, so the psalmist says ‘the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places…’ in other words; the lines for allotment fallen in my favour, and I am given a pleasant portion.
I decree in the name of Jesus; circumstances shall work in your favour, government policies shall favour you, the economic situations for every season shall place your business in pleasant places. As you enter this month you are walking out of every unpleasant circumstance. The word of God goes on to say ‘..yea, I have goodly heritage’ going forward…only good things are permitted in your life, everything around your life shall be pleasant.
That is the prophetic release for this month, just connect with faith and you will testify to the glory of God. GOD BLESS YOU.
* I walk out of every unpleasant circumstance.
* I enter into the pleasant season of my life.
1 Samuel 18 Revelation 19.
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