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Prevailing Voice Daily 29th February

Feb 29, 2016

29th February,
Text : Ecclesiastes 10:1-20.
18 KJV:By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.
19 KJV:A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things
Money is the major reason many leave home every morning, the traffic on our roads is most times caused by the rush to catch up with someone and something that involves money. Money is referred to as economic power, it becomes necessary because we incur expenses every day.
Businesses are set up to make money, but some fundamental points must be put in place to achieve this aim, they are as follows:
1, THE PRODUCT: The very first thing that determines whether your business will do well is your product, its quality, its usage, does it meet people’s demand?, exceed people’s expectations, does it deliver the desired satisfaction? Good product will always attract good patronage which will in turn give good money.
2, THE PURPOSE: The reason you came into business determines how far the business will go. Your primary purpose must not be to make money but to meet people’s needs, solve a particular problem, and when your business begins to meet people’s needs you can be sure of good patronage.
3. THE PEOPLE: People are your best medium of publicity, people will talk about you to others if you treat them well or bad, people can sell your business to other people when you treat them well,they will recommend you to people, they will talk about your honesty and sincerity. Your business will earn goodwill when you treat people well.
4. PRAYER: Some put all factors discussed above in place but yet failed to prosper in business. Good character is not enough to conquer the devil, you gat to be spiritually strong, prayer is needed to pull down demonic stronghold against your business.
GO OUT AND PROSPER THIS WEEK, I see your business rising to another level.
* Lord prosper the works of my hands.
Joshua 13, Philemon 1
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