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Prevailing Voice Daily 15th February

Feb 15, 2016

15th January
Text : Malachi 1: 1-14
1 NLT:This is the message that the Lord gave to Israel through the prophet Malachi.
2 NLT:“I have always loved you,” says the Lord. But you retort, “Really? How have you loved us?” And the Lord replies, “This is how I showed my love for you: I loved your ancestor Jacob,
3 NLT:but I rejected his brother, Esau, and devastated his hill country. I turned Esau’s inheritance into a desert for jackals.”
4 NLT:Esau’s descendants in Edom may say, “We have been shattered, but we will rebuild the ruins.” But the Lord of Heaven’s Armies replies, “They may try to rebuild, but I will demolish them again. Their country will be known as ‘The Land of Wickedness,’ and their people will be called ‘The People with Whom the Lord Is Forever Angry.’
It is absolutely important to know that not everyone or anyone can be your partner in ministry or business, in fact you can’t just pick anyone as husband or wife. Some days l be sharing ‘DESTINY PARTNERS’ but this teaching is to draw attention to a vital point that we often overlook.
In verse 4 of our passage, God states in clear terms that He rejected Esau, He promised to turn Esau’s inheritance into a desert. You need to understand that God has rejected some people: in 1Samuel 16:6 &7, God rejected Eliab, imagine David building a house for God without making enquiry from Him, it would have been demolished, God forbade David a man after His heart to build Him a house.
In verse 4 of our passage God said ‘… They may try to rebuild, but I will demolish them again….’ referring to Esau, that is, if Esau build I will destroy, now imagine you partnering with somebody like Esau for business, obviously the business has no future, it is absolutely important you seek God’s leading in choosing who your partner is. Prophet Jonah was a problem in the ship that sail to Tarshish, caused fellow passengers to lose valuables, when you partner with the wrong person you are bound to lose valuables.
You will help yourself if you take time to check whether you are a wrong partner.
* Are you sure God has not rejected you or your works? Persistent life of sin can make God reject one.
* When you are on the wrong path in life it can make God reject you. E.g Jonah.
* If you notice things don’t go well, no matter how much you try, ask God to show you mercy and open your heavens.
* Lord, separate me from wrong people.
* Cleanse me from anything that will make you reject me.
Deuteronomy 33, 2Thessalonians 3,
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