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Prevailing Voice Daily 17th November

Nov 17, 2015

17th November
Text: Exodus 3:20-22
20. And I will stretch out my hand, and
smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will
do in the midst thereof: and after that he
will let you go.
21. And I will give this people favour in the
sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to
pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go
22. But every woman shall borrow of her
neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in
her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of
gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them
upon your sons, and upon your daughters;
and ye shall spoil the Egyptians.
Several years ago in the university, I have always pray this prayer that I will not return home empty, that I shall have something to show for my days in the university.
Many people go into business and then discovered that both their capital and profit are gone, some write exams which they paid heavily for and prepared for but at the end they failed. Many embark upon projects and they could not show anything as result for their labour, the most amazing of all are those who served their nation or a company in diligent service and were retired or sacked and had nothing to show for their labour, I decree into you life that your labour shall not be fruitless in Jesus Name.
From our text today, the Israelites had been in captivity with hard labour for many years, they had served the Egyptians with their sweat and strength. The Egyptians had used them as labourers to develop their cities but yet the Egyptians were not willing to let them go and even if they let them go they would not have given the Israelites anything for their labour and service. But the one who delivered them, declare unto them in verse 21, that they will not go empty, I decree the same unto you that as you go for that exam, that business, that project e.t.c you shall not return empty in Jesus name, you shall have meaningful result for your labour in Jesus Name.
Father, by the power in the name of Jesus, I shall not go empty and I shall not labour in vain
(RTB)Leviticus 15, Acts 18
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