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Prevailing Voice Daily 7th October

Oct 7, 2015

7th October
Text : Esther 2;16
KJV-So Esther was taken unto king Ahasuerus into his house royal in the Tenth Month, which is the month Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign.
October is the month following September preceding November. It is the tenth month of the year. Many times I have wondered why we have 10 fingers and ten toes. Why not 8 or 12? I was so curious, because I know that God will never do anything without some unnoticed spiritual attachment.
I have also wondered why Guinea, Croatia, Cyprus, Nigeria and some Asia countries got their independence in the same month. It is a month that good things are fixed in the global history. Even “Devil’s Night” (Oct 30) A day when vandals carried out their annihilation and committed so much arson for what ever reason in a part of US. Before it was however replaced with “Angel’s Night”. All evil in your life will be replaced with God’s intention in Jesus name.
King Ahasuerus does not know Esther, it takes a third party to do a recommendation for Esther at the palace. There are many hundreds of people who are qualified for advancement but no one is recommending them to the ‘King’ until their talents become rotten, expired and obsolete. Note that, that did not happen until the 10th month.
In the tenth month Esther was favoured by all who saw her in the palace, God will cause men to favour you this month, in the tenth month Esther rose from slavery to kingship, in this month you will change level, you will rise from poverty to prosperity, those who look down on you shall look up to you. In the name of Jesus
* When God favours you, men have no choice than to favour.
* When you please God He causes your enemies to be at peace with you.
* Esther rose from slavery to kingship.
Prayer Points
– In this month of October, let my life receive divine recommendation
– Every romance between me and stagnation, be expired in this month of October in Jesus name.
— every satanic intermediary between me and my helper, be disgrace and be frustrated
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