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Prevailing Voice Daily 29th September

Sep 29, 2015

29th September
Text: John 10:10 KJV
1. The thief cometh not, but for to steal,
and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that
they might have life, and that they might
have it more abundantly.
From out text today, devil is a thief, with three-fold ministry on earth: To steal, to kill and to destroy. There nothing devil cannot steal from a man, he can steal both things that can be seen (physically) and things that can be seen(spiritually). Devil can steal money, riches, knowledge, wisdom, joy, peace, favour e.t.c But one thing I want us to consider, which devil can steal is TIME.
I have heard a saying from many people, that satan can’t change destiny but that he can only delay it. I want to raise a point here, that even when the devil delays he has accomplished his mission because he has stolen away the time of such a person. For example, if man who was destined to buy a bicycle at the age of 10 years but was happy that at last he bought the bicycle at the age of 25 years, even though he has fulfilled that destiny, devil has stolen quality time of his life. A woman destined to marry at the age of 25 years but got married eventually at the age of 35years, devil has stolen from her, good 10 years of her life. This is a very common phenomenon in many lives, but I have a good news for you, that the Almighty God is also a specialist in recovering of lost time.
In 1Kings 18:44-46 when the hand of God came upon Elijah, he received speed such that with beer foot, Elijah outran Ahab who had gone ahead of him on a chariot to Jezreel, I pray for you, the spirit of God will rest upon you with speed to recover every wasted time in your destiny in Jesus name. When a woman who was barren for 10 years eventually gave birth to a triplet, that is what I call restoration of the wasted time. I decree that whatsoever time the devil has stolen or wasted from your destiny, the Almighty God will restore it all back to you in Jesus Name.
* There is a place of waiting on God’s promises
* But while waiting patiently on God, don’t be ignorant of this revelation, that devil also is a thief of time
* Stand upon God’s word in prayer, that devil will not waste the time of your destiny fulfilment
* And if he has stolen some time in the past, hold on to God in faith through prayer for restoration Joel 2:25-26
1. Father, every accomplished ministry of the devil in my life, I terminate them in Jesus Name
2. All that the devil has stolen from my destiny, I recover back in full in the name of Jesus
3. Father, by your mercy let me recover every lost time in my destiny in Jesus Name
4. I receive speed to accomplish all that I ought to have accomplished before now in Jesus Mighty Name
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