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Prevailing Voice Daily 16th September

Sep 16, 2015

16th September
Text : Matthew 24: 27-51
KJV:For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
KJV:Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
KJV:Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
KJV:Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. Matt. 24;27,40-42.
Good morning friends and elders, my name is Oluyemi Olabode, by the grace of God l am the pastor and founder of PREVAILING FAMILY, a vibrant Christian body committed to soul-winning and empowering people, last night before closing our eyes to sleep, l instructed my wife, Mrs Adebisi Olabode, to lead us in prayer, in the course of praying she raised this prayer point ‘Lord, give us revelation of things to know’ . At about 3am this morning the Lord opened my eyes: l saw an angel in a glorious appearance, holding spray like an AIR FRESHENER in his hand, moving from one end of the sky to another sanitising the sky, some of us saw the angel and shouted ‘Jesus’. After the spray of an air freshener, there was sound of a trumpet , there was serious wailings (weeping) for those who could not fly, they tried to but could not.
BELOVED this is another serious warning from God so that no one will appear unprepared, it’s high time we get prepared.
* You must be born again, if you’re not.
* Write sins you commit easily on a sheet of paper and ask God to help you out of them.
* Release everyone you’re holding in your heart, resolve every dispute with everyone you’re not in terms.
* Regularise all financial irregularities with God (tithe) and man (debt or theft or pilferage or fraud).
* Live holy and encourage people to serve the Lord.
* Do evangelism prayerfully.
* As a preacher, preach and teach holiness.
My sincere prayer is that we all shall meet at the master’s feet. God bless you, please remain rapturable.
* Ask God to help you get prepared.
* Consecrate your life to God afresh. READING THROUGH THE BIBLE (RTB) Genesis 47, Luke 3
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