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Prevailing Voice Daily 14th August 2015

Aug 19, 2015

August 14
KJV:Not slothful in business; fervent in
spirit; serving the Lord; Romans 12:11
There are some strict instructions parents
give their children those
instructions serve as standing order to
guide their daily living,
Christians are therefore given strict charge
that should serve as
guide to their lives.
1st charge; Not slothful in business- every
christian should have
business or work doing, he or she must be
gainfully employed, busy
with a profitable occupation and must not
be slothful in that
business. Diligence is a feature of a disciple,
laziness and
slothfulness are not attributes of a
2nd charge; fervent in spirit- a christian
should be spiritually
alert, understand spiritual matters, be on
fire for the Lord. Enjoy
your relationship with God always, should
be spiritually matured not
allowing lukewarmness or prayerlessness. It
is your continuous
responsibility to ensure you are alive in the
spirit always.
3rd charge; serving the lord- no one of us
should be engrossed by his
or her business to the point that there
should be no time for kingdom
business, understand that God has a
business or in order words He has
a company, He is Chief Executive officer
(CEO) Jesus is the managing
director (MD) while Holy Spirit is the
General Manager (GM) and all
Christians are staff of this company, it is a
profit-making business
(soul winning) the MD gave the initial
capital by paying through His
life to tell you it’s a serious business so no
christian is expected
to handle it with levity, everyone should
take it as a serious matter,
soul winning, this is not just church going,
you are expected to give
your time and money into it remember the
MD gave His life for it. Keep
serving the Lord; live holy be involved
intercession, evangelism and
follow up.
‘for prayer and counselling call this lines
or fellowship with on Sundays 4-5.30pm
(llasa centre) @ 29 Aje street
llasa, 6-7pm (Ejigbo centre)@ 22 Brethren
avenue Ejigbo, 6.30-8pm
(Itire centre) 5 Adebisi street). Worship with
us for a glorious
service on 9-11am @ 2 Aceland Avenue lle-
epo bus stop ejigbo
1, Lord help me to discover a profitable
2, Keep me alive and fresh in the spirit
3, Give me passion for the lost souls
4, Put fire in my bones.
Genesis 14, Matthew 14.

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