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Prevailing Voice Daily 12th August 2015

Aug 19, 2015

August 12
AMP:For whatever is born of God is
victorious over the world; and this
is the victory that conquers the world, even
our faith.
AMP:Who is it that is victorious over [that
conquers] the world but he
who believes that Jesus is the Son of God
[who adheres to, trusts in,
and relies on that fact]? 1John 5;4,5
This world is filled with ups and down, no
two reasons, just the fact
that it’s not heaven-a trouble free home. It
is characterised with
unpleasant situations at different levels
from childhood to adult
wood. Devil stretches himself to ensure no
man is free from trouble
either white or black, poor or rich, literate
or illiterate, believers
or unbelievers, but here is the good news,
believers have victory over
all troubles of life. Every child of God is a
victor over life’s
challenges but it’s only come to reality
where we utilise our faith,
trials and troubles come to discourage our
hearts while faith also
start from the same heart, once we conquer
from within we get victory
Always ensure your heart is not discouraged
by what you see, hear or
go through, but give all diligence to clear or
free your heart for
application of faith, as you begin to apply
faith in the place of
prayer, things get easily and better. ‘When
life’s situation gets
bitter pouring one’s bitterness into the well
of life through prayer
makes things brighter and better’
1, Only true believers can be victorious
(born again)
2, Sin is capable of incapacitating your
spiritual capacity.
3, A discouraged heart loses courage
(strength) in time of battle.
4, Victory is certain when you express faith
in the place of prayer.
1, Strengthen my faith oh Lord
2, I receive every strength to prevail over
life’s challenges
3, Speak to every challenge that confronts
your life
4, Speak victory into every area of your life.
Genesis 12, Matthew 12 for yesterday
Genesis 11, Matthew 11.
‘for prayer and counselling call this lines
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llasa, 6-7pm (Ejigbo centre)@ 22 Brethren
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us for a glorious
service on Sunday 9-11am @ 2 Aceland
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