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Extract from Prevailing Hour: THE LIFE OF JOSEPH

Nov 5, 2014

extract frm prevailing hour-LIFE OF JOSEPH- They’re classes of people in
world: Sons (children), servant & slave, sons are heirs, servants earn wages while slaves are purchased, price has been paid, no wages, no inheritance, no return is expected. A slave is meant to serve his master all his life,selling Joseph off as slave is to put him in the worst class. Their intention was kill his dreams, they said ‘let’s see what will become of his dreams’ they understood that no kingdom will want a slave to sit on the throne, selling him off as slave is to kill his chances of ever becoming a king but God is faithful, they were suppose to be dream-killers they turn out to be dream-promoters. Every circumstance posting itself as a dream-killer will eventually cause u to actualise yours dreams, l see u on your throne no matter what you’re going thro’ now. No devil can stop you. Exposion on the life of Joseph continues today@ PREVAILING HOUR stay blessed.

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